Study in Singapore

UG :- S$ 30,000 –  60,000 

PG :- S$ 30,000 –   90,000


"Reasons to study in Singapore.

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Singapore is a country of great diversity. It is a part of South East
Asia and is one of the most developed countries in the world, with an
HDI of 9. It developed itself to a 1st world country from a 3rd
world country in one generation. There are a no. of advantages that the
country offers to its foreign students which are worth taking note of
and before deciding the country of study by students all over the world.
These benefits are:

  1. Pleasant climate. Singapore has a tropical rainforest climate with no distinctive seasons. The temperature does not vary much and ranges from 22 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees. This moderate climate is conducive to living. It is a green city with the highest area under a cover of trees in spite of its urbanization. The moderate climate throughout the year makes it an
    attractive destination for students across the world.
  3. English speaking Country. Singapore is an English speaking country, with English being one of the 4 nationally spoken languages. English is the medium of instruction in all public schools. As most of the population knows English, it makes Singapore an extremely student-friendly country for students all over the world.
  5. Good Universities. Singapore has a plethora of good universities, with 6 of its public universities among the top 20 in the world. It is said to be the most “technology ready nation” in the world. The education is supported by latest technology which makes the education cutting edge and at par with the education available anywhere in the world. The top-notch infrastructure of its universities makes it a great option for students.
  7. Clean and safe country with excellent transport facilities. Singapore
    is said to be the smartest and safest country in the world. It imposes a
    heavy fine on people who litter it. It offers the best quality of life in Asia and 6th best in the world. Singapore has a very good system of public transport in place. Private vehicles are not encouraged and car buyers are required to pay a heavy duty.
  9. Economy. Singapore has a highly developed market economy. The country has a GDP of $296.642 billion. It has the 3rd highest GDP per capita in the world. It also has one of the least unemployment rates in the world. Roughly 44 percent of the Singaporean workforce is made up of non-Singaporeans, which means that students after completing their education here can join the workforce as per the country policies.

Popular courses offered by Singapore universities

Foreign students head to Singapore not just for graduate (post graduate courses) but also to pursue undergraduate degrees in popular subjects like:


  1. • MBA/ Business/ Management
  2. • IT/ Computing
  3. • Engineering & Science
  4. • Tourism/ travel/ hotel management
  5. • Creative Arts/ Design Courses
  6. • Architecture
  7. • Medicine

Duration of Courses

  1. • Polytechnic Diplomas: for 3years,
  2. • University Degrees: for 3 years,
  3. • Private Sector Degrees: 2-3 years, SMU
  4. • Postgraduate Degrees: 1 – 2 years
Singapore society is knowledge based driving in the global economy. Education is the only factor responsible in shaping Singapore’s economy. The medium of education in Singapore is both English and Malay/Mandarin/Tamil which is a major factor contributing to the strength of its education system.

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